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Ricky Martin's nephew claims domestic violence and incest

 Ricky Martin's nephew claims domestic violence and incest

Ricky Martin's nephew claims domestic violence and incest
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Ricky Martin's attorney, Marty Singer, explains ... "Sadly, the person who made this guarantee struggles with profound psychological well-being difficulties. Ricky Martin, apparently, has never been - and never can be - engaged in any kind of work. sexual or heartfelt relationship with your nephew."

Rick's rep says... "The idea isn't just a lie, it's frightening. We sincerely hope this person gets the help he desperately needs. However, specifically, we're going to address this horrific case." Hoping to forgive when an adjudicator examines the present realities."

Ricky is seen on Friday in Los Angeles at an arrangement of "Mrs. American Pie" -- 4:05 PM PT.

Ricky Martin's abusive behavior at the house informer is one of his own relatives... what's more, the pop star is currently looking closely at the prospect of 50 years in prison.

Another Friday report from the Spanish news site Marca identified Ricky's informant as his 21-year-old nephew, Denis Yadeel Sanchez, who would bring inbreeding to the case in Puerto Rico.

The singer's brother, Eric Martin, has identified the alleged casualty... what's more, Ricky will appear in court on July 21. Under Puerto Rican regulation, there are more stringent punishments for specific sexual violations when the alleged casualty is associated with the conviction, although this is compounded by exactly what Martin is facing.

Slowly, Marca is declaring that Martin faces up to 50 years in the slammer whenever he is sentenced.

As we elaborated… Ricky had recently been indicted for aggressive behavior at home, and the alleged casualty, whose personality was previously unclear, received a provisional control request against Ricky, which denied the claims. has done.

Currently, Marka is elaborating on the nephew that her alleged 7-month friendship with Ricky has been cut off... Ricky didn't take it well, contacting his nephew and going to his nephew's house. He was on his way to come.

We contacted Ricky's camp… no word back until this point.


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