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'Big Brother' 2022 Cast: Full Details of Who's on Season 24

 'Big Brother' 2022 Cast: Full Details of Who's on Season 24

'Big Brother' 2022 Cast: Full Details of Who's on Season 24
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The cast unveiling for Big Brother 24 is long over here, and 16 new nominees will be up for the grand prize.

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Who will be in the cast of 2022 and who is facilitating.

There are 16 new contenders in the cast of Big Brother 2022. Here are the accompanying candidates:

    Alyssa Snyder, Age: 24, Hometown / Current City: Sarasota, Florida, Occupation: Marketing Representative

    Amira Jones (pronounced ah-mirror-ah), Age: 31, Hometown / Current city: Westminster, Maryland, Occupation: Content planner

    Brittany Hoops, Age: 32, Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, Current city: Austin, Texas, Occupation: Hypnotherapist

    Daniel Durston, Age: 35, Hometown: Ontario, Canada, Current city: Las Vegas, Nevada, Occupation: Vegas Entertainer

    Indy Santos, Age: 31, Hometown: So Paulo, Brazil Current city: Los Angeles, California Occupation: Corporate airline steward

    Jasmine Davis,
Age: 29, Hometown: Terry, Mississippi, Current city: Atlanta, Georgia, Occupation: Entrepreneur

    Joe "Dog" Pucciarelli (pronounced pooch-ah-riley-ee), Age: 24, Hometown: Staten Island, NY., Current city: Boca Raton, Florida, Occupation: Assistant football coach

    Kyle Kepner (expressed Cape-ner), Age: 29, Hometown / Current city: Plenty, Utah, Occupation: Unemployed

    Marvin Achi (pronounced ah-chee), Age: 28, Hometown: Rivers State, Nigeria, Current City: Houston, Texas, Occupation: Chemical Handling Engineer

    Matt "Turner" Turner, Age: 23, Hometown: North Attleborough, Massachusetts, Current City: New Bedford, Massachusetts, Occupation: Thrift Storekeeper

    Michael Brunner,
Age: 28, Hometown: St. Michael's, Minnesota, Current city: Rochester, Minnesota, Occupation: Attorney

    Monte Taylor, Age: 27, Hometown / Current city: Bears, Delaware, Occupation: Personal mentor

    Nicole Leyog (pronounced lay-og), Age: 41, Hometown / Current City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Occupation: Private Gourmet Specialist

    Paloma Aguilar,
Age: 22, Hometown/Current City: San Marcos, California, Occupation: Internal Promoter

    Taylor Hale,
Age: 27, Hometown / Current City: West Bloomfield, Michigan, Occupation: Personal Beautician

    Terence Higgins, Age: 47, Hometown / Current City: Chicago, Illinois, Occupation: Bus Administrator


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