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MLB All-Star Game 2022: Best Sights and Sounds for Los Angeles

 MLB All-Star Game 2022: Best Sights and Sounds for Los Angeles

MLB All-Star Game 2022: Best Sights and Sounds for Los Angeles
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The 2022 MLB All-Star Game has officially moved to Hollywood as Dodger Stadium features some of the greatest and most prolific names in baseball.

It would be familiar territory for Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, who would be only the 6th time in more than 40 years to start his home All-Star Game.

The Midsummer Classic has been uneven of late, with the American League riding an eight-game series to victory. The AL likewise has a three-game lead over the series' general record of 46–43–2.

The National League has lost 20 of the All-Star Games beyond 24, though the season stalemate with defending champion Atlanta Braves supervisor Brian Snitker is keen to return to the success section in the 92nd edition of the current year.

In the banned bill, Dusty Baker, director of the major AL champion Houston Astros, hopes to keep business as usual.

Here are the best sights and sounds from Los Angeles, with many All-Star Game expectations from MLB experts Jeff Passon, Buster Olney, Alden Gonzalez, and David Schoenfield.

Live updates from the 2022 All-Star Game

Huge dad energy

To the extraordinary degree of great father energy Clayton Kershaw, the open door to the baseball field is interesting to use. The last time he made an appearance was at Tuesday's All-Star Game, when a 10-year-old kid named Blake Grice, part of Credential Media, pounded toward the end of the public interview after his scoreless knock at the end of the public game.

"I need to tell you a quick short story," Blake said, and he continued to discuss his grandfather, Graham Grice, who set up a list of essentials with Blake after he was determined to have malignant growth of the brain. One of those things: Meet Clayton Kershaw and Vin Scully, amazing Dodgers hosts.

Graham passed away in 2014, and when Blake was destroyed, Kershaw ran backstage to comfort him. "Come here, man," said Kershaw. "It's unbelievable to meet you. Gratitude for letting me know. It took me a ton of courage to tell you. Your grandpa seemed like a wonderful person."

Blake leaned over, folded his arms over Kershaw, and hugged him. They posed for photos together. The night he debuted on the grounds of his old neighborhood, Kershaw was unsuccessful. However, when Blake's tears began to smile, Kershaw was clearly saved. - Jeff Passan


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