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Transformer fire at Hoover Dam was extinguished immediately

  Transformer fire at Hoover Dam was extinguished immediately

Transformer fire at Hoover Dam was extinguished immediately
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 A fire broke out in a transformer at Hoover Dam, one of the country's largest electrical offices, on Tuesday due to a technical fault.

Producing a thick haze of black smoke and flames that were immediately extinguished.

No one was harmed in the explosion close to the foundation of the dam, a design wonder on the Colorado River that rides the border of Arizona and Nevada.

The Western Area Power Administration said electricity supplied to the Hoover Dam continued to be streaming to the homes of millions of people in Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California who depend entirely on it.

The cause of the fire incident was being investigated and officials are trying to determine the degree of damage to the transformer as to the extent of the damage.

In one complex of 15 that regulates the voltage for electricity shipped to customers.

"There's no gamble for the power network," said Jacqueline Gould, a local head of the US Department of Reclamation.

Gold said in an announcement that the fire started around 10 a.m. and was extinguished within half an hour. This caught the attention of onlookers who said they heard a cautionary sound and felt the rumble of the ground beneath them.

William Herro, 13, of San Francisco, was on a review period with his men when he saw the explosion and later heard a "big explosion".

"Lots of black smoke exploded in the air. It looked like a mushroom and then caught on fire," said Herro. "I was really amazed and I started shooting."

The explosion occurred on the cover of a structure of turbines located some downstream from the foundation of the dam, about 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Las Vegas. Hoover Dam is one of the tallest dams in the US at 726 feet (221 m). Each of its 17 generators can supply electricity to one lakh families.

More than 20,000 vehicles drive daily over the wide top of the dam, which is a National Historic Landmark and is found in films including Transformers and Fools Rush Inn. Most drivers traveling between Arizona and Nevada use a detour over the dam that opened in 2010.

The Bureau of Reclamation claims and works the dam, works with force and turbines. Power delivered to the site is diverted to a substation where it is propagated through the Western Region Power Administration.

The Hoover Dam is considered a baseload well of force, meaning it can respond rapidly to reduce the need or supply of additional power on the network.

A fire broke out at the Western Area Power Administration's control place in Phoenix. Representative Lisa Meiman said that while passing a transformer or other hardware over hydropower offices can reduce the matrix, "no single source is fundamental to the strength of a power infrastructure."

The organization markets electricity from 57 government hydroelectric offices. Meiman said the largest is the Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam upstream on the Arizona-Utah line.

Hydroelectricity from those dams has recently compromised the falling levels of Lake Mead and Lake Powell, which are the most important rivers in the U.S. The U.S. has two of the largest man-made supplies that carry water from the Colorado River.

Government officials recently took a step to install lakes to protect the dams' power-generating capacity and continue the water streaming toward western states and Mexico. The dry season and environmental change have plunged the lakes to their lowest levels in many years.


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