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Laptop For Students In Malaysia

Life in school college or universities is going to look very different due to covid-19 and for so many students moving towards distance learning means that many more people are going in search of the best student laptops.

If you are a student then you want one of the best education laptops for you to crack your exams and whether to stream TV or play games when it is time to relax,

But with so many options and so many different prices, it can be homework in itself just to find the best laptop for students well don't worry because in this article we have covered the top four students in the market to choose from. A list of laptops has been prepared.

And we have categorized them into four major categories to make it easier for you to choose the best one.

HP Spectre x360 14

HP Spectre x360 14
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Overall the best on our list we have picked the HP Spectra 360 14 which offers a wide range of technology and innovative features Which every college student craves game cut aesthetic according to computer design.

You get the boldest design out of a gaming laptop, though the Specter is more elegant than showy. The Specter 360 is a beautiful laptop that's over the top whether it's in Nightfall Black color with copper accents or Poseidon blue or natural silver options on the keyboard edge. is from the edge.

And the detachable keycaps are fairly large sections with ample and satisfying travel, there's a pleasant stiffness to the keys as there's no wobble, there's also a nice boom that helps combat type fatigue, powered by an Intel 11th Core.

i7 Intel Iris XE graphics, the Specter 360 doesn't break any new barriers, but it holds its own against ultrabooks with similar specs like many new laptops,

It's certified to meet Intel's Evo standards including Fast Resume Wi-Fi 6 Long Battery Life and more. The Specter's old screen is lovely to watch with enough brightness.

Sky-high contrast pristine white backgrounds and deep blacks are richly vibrant and saturated and fine details sharp.

It lets you see more content on the screen at once while you're browsing web pages or writing reports, scanning spreadsheets. Additionally, the 360 ​​is a convertible thing,

This means you can get your hands on the gorgeous display with the touch screen or make it more comfortable to enjoy some post-class movies in tablet form.

Intel's new Iris Plus integrated graphics, which are far from gaming-grade, still handle some lightweight title and video editing tasks with relative ease, college is a time when the sky is the limit and the HP Specter 360's design Promises to stay with students.

HONOR MagicBook 14

HONOR MagicBook 14
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Always on the go lifestyle whether a full day of homework through late-night study sessions or some needed rest Time after time we have picked up the Honor MagicBook 14 in the best value category.

It has an unmatched combination of value design features and performance. Obviously, you won't be able to get a laptop for this price, the MagicBook 14 is a relatively slim laptop with particularly nice funnel metals,

The design is excellent and feels high quality for its asking price, the keyboard is pretty much a slam dunk, has short travel but it's full-size backlit and the trackpad is a good size sleek, both quick and comfortable to type on, and uses Microsoft's exact drivers.

It is very accurate and has a satisfactory click 14 inch IPS Full HD 1920x1080 display is matte and evenly lit with a tube Rhineland certification It assures low blue light reflectivity.

Which makes it better for eye health. The screen is perfect for indoor use and we appreciate that there is no reflection on the matte finish. The colors are nice and punchy and the shine is all right,

But the coolest environment inside you is going to find the new AMD ryzen 5 4500 u processor paired with AMD Radeon graphics chip, the chip is a 6 core CPU with 6 threads built on 7-nanometer technology and it has 8 megabit L3 There is cache, the laptop is available with 8 or 16 gigs of memory.

And the same goes for storage 256 or 512 Gigabit SSD versions To sum it up the Honor MagicBook 14 is the best value student laptop you can buy right now.

It will handle all the word processing and web browsing tasks you can throw at it. Rival devices fall short on either price or performance so it really is the best budget by laptop.


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Next up in the category of best gaming laptops for college students is the HP Shagun 15. Gamers don't stop gaming when the school year starts and students who want the best of both worlds want a mod.

which can handle work and games and this is the reason why the hp omen laptop is a popular back-to-school shopping pick which gives it the top spot as one of the best gaming laptops for college students.

New omen 15 hp as per design more mature in comparison to Omen Machines There is no outward angle bold hinge design or second screen, it is made of dark gray aluminum anodized under the lid and smooth on the back.

Which has minimal air vents and simply said this laptop 15.6 inches 1920x1080 144Hz display looks great When you think of gaming laptops the first thing that comes to your mind is the performance, but the power that comes with it. lets you play,

That power is also useful for students who require majors. Processor intensive tasks engineering students design students and those who need to produce video content,

They will all benefit from the impressive AMD ryzen 7 4800h processor. e Nvidia Geforce gtx 1660 ti prevents unnecessary lag and gameplay, but it lets you submit school projects seamlessly.

And because it comes with standard Windows Office software along with a terabyte of SSD storage and eight hours of battery life, this machine is ready to handle any homework. You need excellent for both school work and some gaming in your spare time, then the best part is that it comes at a really affordable price,

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air
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To finish our list in the Best MacBooks category, we have chosen the Apple MacBook Air as the biggest improvement of this year's model. The new M1 chip that delivers outstanding performance and excellent battery life design,

It's the same design we've seen in previous models, the MacBook Air is a beautiful notebook with a sleek unibody aluminum design, though the chassis lacks some modern fixings.

And like some of its competitors, the dazzling 13.3-inch Retina display will display all your notes and videos in brilliant colors at a high resolution of 2560 by 1600. The Ion has two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the edge,

This means you can charge your device and connect to an external drive or peripheral at the same time because it only weighs 2.8 pounds so your back will thank you when you walk around campus during the daytime customers Will give

Apple can configure silicon-based MacBooks with 8 Gigabit or 16 Gigabit of RAM and between 256 Gigabit or 2 Terabytes of internal storage so that MacBook Air has no fan, has a slim light chassis, and is one of the best MacBooks out there. Stay tuned.

Gives users up to 20 hours of extended battery life on a single charge, so no matter how long the school day is, you'll have plenty of battery left.

These are the top four laptops for students near you in the market. We hope our list of suggestions will help you make an informed choice,


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