Best Budget Laptop For Video Editing In 2021 | Best Laptop For Video Editing Under $1000

More than ever, our world has seen an unprecedented increase in online video consumption, such that it shows a conservative estimate that an average person spends at least 80 minutes a day. Watching online videos and this number is expected to increase to 100 minutes by next year.

 This can only mean that more and more work for video editors unfortunately video editing is power and memory the intensive task, which means that a deal bin editing machine would be harder to cope with as a video editor, Which you will need a powerful machine. Powerful processor to get lots of RAM and portability work.

 At home or at home but with so many laptop models to choose from, it is extremely difficult to know which one is right for you. Luckily we have broken the four best video editing laptops based on processor speed memory screen size portability. If you are interested in any laptop in this list, we have included links,

HP Elite Dragonfly

HP Elite Dragonfly
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 hp is highly adaptable with the Elite Dragon notebook and allows you to handle the security portability and performance of this laptop. The heart has an excellent quality of 13.3 inch full HD touch display with multiple variations and 1000 nits of maximum brightness, also has Gorilla Glass 5 protection and helps deliver perfect still images and video for added productivity.

 The screen has been implanted with an IPS display technology which gives it an upper hand on cheap panels in terms of viewing angles. And in addition to the color anti-glare coating, there is a 720p HD webcam for video recording and editing for chatting or in terms of performance elite performance.

 Not sure if it is equipped with a Core i5 8365u processor, with an Intel UHD 620 graphics card, which gives it a minimum speed of 1.6 GHz and up to 4.1 GHz with turbo boost to speed up the boot and application launch speed. DragonFly notebook has 16 GHz RAM and 256 GHz internal drive.

 The keyboard has many other tricks up its sleeve to satisfy your video editing needs to make it one of the best video editing laptops on the market. Dragon is not a great place to start because it comes with a relatively large.

 Backlit and spill-resistant keyboard with responsive keys that not only increases your productivity but also prevent damage caused by Dragonflies port selection. This is very impressive for a .63 inch thick laptop, which features a USB-port. The USB 3.1 port is a full-size HDMI port and a thunderbolt 3 port for wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 5 to connect your modern accessories.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro
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Number 2 is the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro The Apple MacBook has got its editing credentials on top of its stunning design and it's your day Our review model is specially equipped with Intel Core along with beautifying the day-to-day video editing functions. i9 processor and 2.3 GHz maximum running speed making it one of the most powerful editing laptops in the market.

In order to ensure faster reboot speed and multitasking the MacBook Pro, Pro has 16 GHz RAM with a Terabyte Solid-State Drive. Another thing you'll love about this laptop is the large 16- Inch Retina Display Screen with 3072 1920 maximum resolution display capable of seeing 500 nits brightness.

 It helps you deal with the intensive tasks of the GPU without problems like graphic design color grading and editing, as well as supports screen p3 wide color gamut that gives your pictures a vibrant color and vivid detail MacBook's keyboard scissors switch Also included is the one that helps eliminate the key problem when dust finds its way between keys in terms of peripheral connectivity. The MacBook Pro comes with four Thunderbolt 3 ports USB-C connection.

 Although it does not have an SD card or micro SD card slot for wireless networking, the Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 technology is a 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro overall, a powerful video editing laptop combining its Core i9 processor 16 is. One of the fastest gigs of RAM and the fastest hard drive, which comes with its vivid 16-inch display epic battery life.

Lenovo ThinkPad P53

Lenovo ThinkPad P53
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 Lenovo ThinkPad p53209 If you are a freelance photographer or video editor who wants to carry your laptop every day, Lenovo ThinkPad p53 is worth your consideration when it comes to the portability of a comfortable keyboard that closes the box.

 Extended battery life and compatibility with multiple apps in the design department is made of p53 glass fiber reinforced polymer and is 12 mil 810 810 certified meaning it can withstand high altitude humidity temperatures and mechanical shock.

 The image display is sharp and crisp as any video editor hans with a 15.6-inch full HD panel that the p53 is equipped with a 9th gen Intel Core i9 2.3 GHz processor, a solid-state drive of 16 gigabits, and VR Ready NVIDIA Quadro RTX. There are 4008-gigabit graphics which is an impressive combo. A laptop of this size.

 You Kibo on this laptop You will also like the display, it has scalloped keys, which gives you the softness of making a sponge and typing and editing a piece of cake. There are many ports for your peripherals and other extensions including one HDMI port USB 3.2 type c gene 1 2 USB 3.1 gene 1 USB 3.2 type c gene 1 2 thunderbolts 3 type c sd card reader and headphone microphone combo jack.

HONOR MagicBook 15

HONOR MagicBook 15
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 Number four on our list is 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity, the honor being the MagicBook 15. There are three things that really define an ultimate mobile notebook, a slim design, performance, and durability and that's what really makes the Honor MagicBook 15 a thickness of just under 17 millimeters and weighing more than 1.5 kilograms. This laptop is ultra-portable.

And you'll always enjoy working, while its 15.6-inch IPS screen has an impressive native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels that allows you to enjoy a clear display without WWM flickering under the hood, giving you a 2.1 GHz Ryzen 5 3500u Processor will be available, with turbo speed up to 3.7 GHz, paired with a gigabit PCI with 8 gigabytes.

 Solid-state drive and Radon Vega 8 graphics card, all of which give you fluid performance and faster rendering time while editing Honor Book 15, it also features an unlimited chiclet keyboard with flat rough and keys.

 So you have a clear pressure point and a short-stroke that is well suited for everyday tasks for peripheral connectivity. The MagicBook 15 offers a USB 3.0 USB Type-C USB 2.0 HDMI and a three and a half millimeter audio jack.

 Unfortunately the memory card reader is missing. If you want to transfer your document photos or videos wirelessly, the Magic Book 15 has Bluetooth 5.0 4.2 and 2.1 compatible and thanks to honoring Magic Link 2.0, you can use your smartphone Can share screens and files with the computer.

 Collaboration is easy to pass and here you have the top 4 video editing laptops on the market whether you are looking for an inexpensive machine to handle light editing tasks or looking to pursue video editing professionally, We hope you find our list useful.

 If you have found a laptop in our list that meets your needs then check the link. 

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