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Black Day: Israel's rebellion against Bibi's judicial reforms

 Black Day: Israel's rebellion against Bibi's judicial reforms

Black Day: Israel's rebellion against Bibi's judicial reforms

JERUSALEM: Thousands of Israeli doctors have lost their jobs, movement leaders have threatened general strikes and top judges have returned home from trips abroad.

   This bill was proposed by the government on Tuesday, a day after the approval of a bill that could dilute the ruling of the Supreme Court. Critics argue that the bill undermines checks and balances.

Israel's four major newspapers covered their front pages in black ink, a dark image paid for by technical unions. At the bottom of the web page is the sentence "Today is the worst day for Israeli democracy."

Monday's vote on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's dual judicial reform primary election series reverberated across the country. S..

The deal came despite seven months of intense public resistance, Prime Minister Netanyahu's commitment to a deal, and unusual warnings from Israel's closest friend, the United States, against sweeping reforms.

The ruling coalition unanimously approved the bill after rival parties, including one that was very nationalist and very spiritual, shouted: "Shame on you".

However, the belligerents insist that the war is not necessarily over. Civil rights groups petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the new law, and protests once again took to the streets across the country. S...

Hundreds of people gathered in Tel Aviv overnight to burn tires, set off fireworks, and wave national flags.

In central Jerusalem, police on horseback used water cannons and foul-smelling sprays on demonstrators and arrested about 40 people.

The video showed police dragging demonstrators outside, beating them until they bled, and then violently pushing them back with a lathe. At least 10 law enforcement officers were injured, police said.

Thousands of reservists have announced they will not volunteer, a blow that undermines US operational readiness.

The Israeli army has announced its first internal disciplinary order regarding the protests. One reservist was fined 1,000 shekels ($270) for ignoring the summons.


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