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A fox determined in Woodcreek following an come across with character become determined to have rabies.

According to the town of Woodcreek, the fox approached a resident on Westwood Drive at the morning of Oct. 28. The resident become bitten via way of means of the fox that were hiding below her vehicle.

“Please be privy to your environment and use greater warning whilst out of doors on foot or gambling golf,” the town stated in a information release. “Do now no longer feed or contact any natural world.”

When officials arrived on the scene, the fox tried to chew them and become killed. Further trying out showed that the fox had rabies.

“If a person sees a fox performing surprisingly do now no longer pass as much as it,” Jay Leivdal, Program Specialist for the Department of State Health Services, stated. “…Odd behaviors are seeing a fox for the duration of the day time, it being overly pleasant or overly competitive, displaying any neurological signs and symptoms adore it can`t stroll or simply now no longer performing like a everyday fox.”

Since the incident, a few reviews had been fabricated from foxes performing unusual withinside the place which include on Champions Circle and close to the Wimberley First Baptist Church. These incidents have been suggested after the alternative fox were killed. According to Leivdal, rabies can byskip from animal to animal.

“Foxes can switch the rabies virus,” Leivdal stated. “Any animal dropping the rabies virus can switch it via way of means of chew or scratch… If you spot any animals performing surprisingly or any natural world performing surprisingly, name your neighborhood animal manage or regulation enforcement department.”

Leivdal stated encounters aren`t constantly competitive.

“There are kinds of rabies, the livid and the passive,” Leivdal stated. “The passive fashion is the animal can be so pleasant it won`t even bit you. It will lick on you want a puppy. Then you've got got the competitive one in which it's going to chase you and try to chew you.”

If you observed you or a person else can also additionally have are available in bodily touch with this animal, or in case you see an animal performing surprisingly, name the Hays County Sheriff`s Office, Animal Control at (512)393-7896 or the Dept. of State Health Services Zoonosis Control at (254)778-6744.


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