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Body Piercing Healing & Care Guide


Body Piercing Healing & Care Guide-Are you ready to surprise everyone with your new statement piece look, have you pierced your body but wait a minute do you know?

Even after this piercing, there is a long list of aftercare that you will have to go through so we have the proper body piercing guide for you to help you on this journey.

The first thing doesn't expect is that after getting the piercing you are going to show your jewelry to your jealous friends, rather you will face a lot of body effects.

Body Piercing Healing & Care Guide | Body Piercing Aftercare Instructions


Mild bleeding, swelling, tenderness, and pain after the piercing are all normal effects of this sacred act, and don't be afraid to see blood or fluid from your peers in the first few days,

A little blood and swelling will pop up just give a cold compress or ice treatment to the area it will reduce the swelling and stop the bleeding over the next few weeks.

You will also feel tenderness, itching, or bruising in your piercing area, which is completely normal, just try not to scratch or lift the skin and let it heal.

During that time you will notice a whitish-yellow liquid coming out of the piercing, do not mix it with infection, this is when your injury starts to heal and will stop when the injury is completely healed.

Now after our piercing you will go through many ups and downs while healing once you feel that it has healed later, you can see its tenderness again,

But during this whole process, you can control only one thing, for this, the first and very important rule is not to touch your companions even after cleaning.

Germs and bacteria can cause infection, even when you're going to clean the cleanest area, wash your hands thoroughly first. You'll need to soak your piercing with saline twice a day for cleaning.

NeilMed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare

neilmed neilcleanse piercing aftercare
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And all debris accumulated near the area has to be cleaned gently. You can either spray. For this, we recommend using NeilMed NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare which is a neutral vegan and E Steroli Saline Preservative.

All you have to do is spray mist on your piercing and then the cleaning will be done, then pat the area dry with a clean paper towel,

The next important thing that you have to keep in mind is that no one else should touch or rub the area like your hand. If you have pierced your ears, tie your hair up during the healing process.

Avoid swimming for at least 30 days to reduce the risk of infection, even a face mask is not allowed if you are getting a facial.

Colleagues, any kind of body fluid should not be attached to the piercing if a purist gets in your navel or inner body then it would be best to avoid tight clothes or waistband to avoid any kind of pressure,

Try to avoid contact with bedding while you sleep. The last and most important thing you have to keep in mind with the purest area is.

Never remove your jewelry during healing. The piercing will heal on its own and the piercing will heal completely when your piercing is completely healed.

You should not remove the jewelry for a long time because the tissue in that area will start to grow again, it is recommended that you do not move or touch the jewelry despite taking care after piercing your body,

We have always mentioned that sometimes a little mistake can lead you to infections or different types of skin problems. It can be an allergic reaction,

Some piercings that are used in aftercare or even the jewelry itself are prone to keloids or scars, so if you notice any bumps or marks near your piercing area,

So contact your doctor as soon as possible.


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