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Skin Care Routine For Teenager Girl | Best Skin Care Products For Summer

Skin Care Routine For Teenager Girl | Best Skin Care Products For Summer-Summer is here again and the scorching sun is here. Even though it is time for beach hang out pool parties and vacations, it should also be kept in mind that prolonged sun and heat will harm your skin health.

So always a little bit of extra care is needed for your skin during summer days and today we are here to give you proper guidance for summer skincare.

We all have a proper skincare regime which includes cleansers moisturizers creams etc but some of those steps are important steps that should never be missed during summers

So let's talk about them. Cleansing is the first and most important part of any skincare routine during the summer days, the need for facial cleansing becomes more and more important due to sweating.

What the heat of the sun gives us for that Summer face wash is a must-have foaming cleanser that deeply cleanses the dirt and grime from your face.

Cetaphil Oil-Free Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Cetaphil Oil-Free Gentle Foaming Cleanser
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But if you have dry combination skin then use a non-foaming cleanser but use Cetaphil Oil-free gentle foaming cleanser as per our recommendation for summer clean.

Suitable for all skin types and also contains glycerin and vitamins. Frequent face wash with some cold water splash we should avoid this habit as it promotes more sebum production.

Washing your face with excess water loses moisture and starts producing oil so stick to only rooting cleansing suntan and hyperpigmentation is a common problem on summer days.

 TruSkin Vitamin C Serum

truskin vitamin c serum
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Hence it becomes all the more important to invest in a Vitamin C serum during summers. Vitamin C serum helps prevent hyperpigmentation and Vitamin C improves fine lines and collagen production.

Cleansing and ready to fight hyperpigmentation as winter is gone, heavy moisturizers your skin needs in summer with shea butter.

It's a more lightweight and breathable moisturizer to stay healthy, try opting for a water-based moisturizer with Benefit SPF, such as Cerave M Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30.

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30
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It will add an extra layer of protection to your face and along with adding a light body lotion, we don't need to explain why sunlight protection is important for skin care in summers.

This is a fundamental step that we should never miss in our summer care you should apply sunscreen on your face and body whenever you step out.

 It is generally recommended to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher. Our choice should be to use APO Pure Block Daily Sunscreen with SPF 45,

A'PIEU Pure Block Daily Sunscreen

A'PIEU Pure Block Daily Sunscreen
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It is a non-greasy and no broadcast Korean sunscreen for everyday use even though it is the last step in our skincare routine but during summers sunscreen should be applied every two hours,

Weekly is an important part of skincare as it helps in improving skin quality and removes remaining debris and oil from your skin.

And in summer it is recommended to use more exfoliants to promote healthy skin, exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week,

For this, you can use Air Organics Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub which is infused with the goodness of Manuka honey and walnuts, Exfoliate your skin.

If you have a sunburn let the skin heal first then exfoliate during summer Makeup feels like an extra layer on the skin and makes you feel more uncomfortable.

Hence it is suggested to use light makeup products like water-based primer or light foundation for your summer makeup look you can also try adding an SPF foundation to strengthen the sunscreen barrier,

Although you use all sunscreens and sun-protecting makeup products, it is recommended to use an umbrella when you go out in the sun,

Even many experts will tell you to wear long sleeve dresses and sunglasses but it only depends on your choice if you feel comfortable in long sleeves then you should go ahead.

But if you need to highlight something else just use an umbrella or stain shade as much as possible so that your skin is protected from the sun.

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