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Jelly Nailpolish Diy Trend In Social Media | Cute Short Nails Designs On TikTok

In today's digital world, wherever you go on any platform, there are trendsetters everywhere from new beauty hacks to crazy lamps, whenever you scroll on TikTok or any social media,

So you will see thousands of feeds showcasing crazy beauty ideas and when it comes to nails a pretty classy nail art always costs a little more.

Cute Short Nails Designs On TikTok 

Cute Short Nails Designs On TikTok

But it won't cost anything compared to this new jelly nail trend that went viral recently at Tic-Tac and you'll get beautiful tinted transparent nails with this simple hack so let's see where this hack comes from and these easy jelly how to make nail pressie.

This year we saw many TikTok trends inspired by the greatest decades of the 90s and 2000s, the white hair tinsel and concealer hack is one of those examples, and adding to the bygone era, the jelly nail has caught on.

Creating the coolest trend ever, this tinted paint creates shiny and jelly-like transparency to nails and perfect spring and summer nails with 140 million views on the app.

It's way into the heart of beauty tubers and beauty talkers and the biggest reason behind it is the ease and low cost of making this hack, How To Make These Jelly Nails Two Thousand Inspired Jelly Nail Trends You'll Need.

bottle of clear nail polish, a bottle of any colored nail polish, a bottle of top coat nail polish dryer to make your desired jelly nails, now first of all you have to clean your nails properly because the nail paint is not visible.

Because a little stain on the nails can spoil the whole look if you are going for a clear nail tip to press and top then you should use clear nail glue to make a clear base.

You can also put on a clear base coat to ensure the consistency of jelly nails. The base is ready to let's mix the colored paint with a clear one remember only one or two drops of colored nail polish should be diluted with a full bottle of clear polish.

If you want your native red color darker you can add a little more or less to achieve it. We suggest you use brighter colors as they make the best jelly versions than the mutant ones,

For this you can see the heart of Sally Hansen as nails are extreme wear polish, it has a bunch of beautiful shades in the collection and you would love to try them out now the color is ready, its time to paint the nails,

Apply thin nail paint on the nail in thin layers, this will avoid any streaks or bubbles on the nails after applying the paint, dry the color with a nail dryer or you can air dry if you don't have a dryer,

When the nail color dries properly apply a top coat to create a shiny effect for that you can use a dry fast top with a thick nail coat it has the most popular and award-winning gloss.

Jelly Nails That Will Beautify Your Beauty More Than You Thought You Are Ready To Show Off Your Jelly Nails On Tic Tac Or Instagram Wherever You Want To Make The Nails Look More Attractive.

You can try some nail art or color effects to create the best version of Jelly Nails so what are you waiting for get ready to grab your nail paints and paint your nails with the new trend.


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