iPhone 13 Pro Max Specs | Apple iPhone 13 Pink colour Review

 After almost a year of covering iPhone 13 leaks and rumors, the wait is finally over, so without any further ado, welcome to the iPhone 13 review, which is expected to have everything in one place. So I hope you have the popcorn ready and enjoy my favorite now and the biggest change coming to the iPhone 13 line is the camera.

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The one you see in the iPhone 13 and is regularly said to still use the same camera sensor as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 but both the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are said to be on the same brand new sensor with their new sensors. 13 Pro will be able to capture 35 more light than the 12 Pro while the 13 Pro Max will be able to capture 11 more light than the 12 Pro Max which varies from one year to another, especially from year to year. Se 13 Pro is a Huge Improvement.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Specs |  Apple iPhone 13 Pink colour Review
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 And I am honestly very excited about it because 12 from max was too big for me which is so now you all are probably wondering how will this big sensor compete with the likes of Samsung Xiaomi and others with this big sensor too Will compete well on the Pro model it is physical size will still be smaller than the one we have Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, and many others, although Apple has always had one of the best image processing algorithms in the business, 

so I believe that even with a smaller sensor than the competition they will be able to achieve some excellent results like in the case of the iPhone 12 line now different from the bigger sensor on the Pro model it can be said that all iPhone 13 models will have the sensor Level stabilization was unfortunately improved in the same way as the 12 Pro Max that it maxed out on the iPhone 12 Pro, but there were some improvements really most notably when capturing fast-moving subjects in low light. it means.

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 Pro Max Specs |  Apple iPhone 13 Pink colour Review
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 That all iPhone 13s will not only take better low-light photos but also better low-light videos with the Pro model being the biggest improvement here in the ultra-wide angle module. Set to upgrade as well, but only on the Pro model with a wider aperture that can capture 40 more light than a new six-element lens and autofocus as well and that's just awesome because I get a lot of ultra-wide. am a big fan this is mine is the second most used lens and the fact.

 That it is getting better in low light and will have autofocus also means I am going to use it even more and the autofocus is really the best part of it as it can enable it as a macro lens Work in what we've seen on other flagship phones, this has always been a big downside of the iPhone because you can never really focus on it.

This means now we will finally have every type of lens from a wide to ultra-wide to ultra-wide to telephoto to macro and speaking of a telephoto module, the iPhone 13 Pro is getting what it got from the Max 12 last year, the 13 Pro Max will remain unchanged. This means that the 13 Pro will be able to zoom a bit more to 2.5x than 2x, but this lens will also be slightly worse in low light as it now has an additional 0.5x zoom due to its smaller aperture. may look good on paper.

 But you need to remember that there are other phones out there for 3x 5x and even 10x with some reports saying that the upcoming galaxy s22 ultra will feature 12x and use the s21 ultra's insane 10x optical zoom. I find it hard to go back to the bare-bones zoom of the iPhone at this point as even the new Google Pixel 6 is said to have 4x optical zoom, which will be further enhanced by Google's excellent machine learning, as they did in the past. Did it in 2.5x,

iPhone 13 pro

iPhone 13 Pro Max Specs |  Apple iPhone 13 Pink colour Review
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 When you consider what the competition has been like for years already, but there's good news that we're also getting some camera software changes including the biggest astrophotography mode the iPhone can already take long exposure shots. but the photo processing algorithms were not specifically intended to capture the night sky,

While at the top was something like Google Pixel Long Exposure Mode we also have a dedicated Astrophotography mode which can give you some truly draw-dropping results. The Astrophotography Mode is said to be coming to all iPhone 13s not just Pros. And if we look at the event invite, we can see a night sky that was taken with the camera of the iPhone 13.

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Also, we are getting Portrait mode video which will blur the subject continuously like a portrait mode photo and give you a DSLR a look, but I believe it is limited to the Pro model only as of the light sensor Will probably be in front of us on non-Pro models as we have lidar technic partners too, but pro

On the model, I believe it will just be backward and at the end, we are also told that will essentially give you more flexibility when it comes to being able to edit your videos. Retrieve more detail from Prora photos similar to how you already can, I mostly logoI do not support using Pro Rob Video,

But if you need the highest possible video quality out of your iPhone you'll have this option. The other big change is the display that most of you already know, getting two big upgrades to 120Hz and always with 120Hz. Not much to say about this, it was long overdue as we have high ripper freight panels on Android phones from 2017.

 And yes it does make a huge difference in terms of scrolling and navigating as everything will be twice as fluid so I'm a big fan of this um and apple's implementation will also include a dynamic refresh rate so your iPhone will always be 120Hz but will not play instead the content you are watching,

based on that will rage in real-time, but the thing is this is nothing new, we first got it back in 2020 with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Z Fall 2 but due to lack of component apple could not add it is for the iPhone 12 Pro, even though it was originally intended for it, and I think it would also be called a promotion or at least a promotion. Older now always-on functionality is even more exciting to me.

As I waited this is on an iPhone as I first experienced it in 2016 on my Galaxy 7 Edge and it's always great like you get to see the time and your notifications, even when the display is in sleep happens and if you look really closely at apple event invite it looks to me like Apple is teasing one here.

iPhone 13 pro max

iPhone 13 Pro Max Specs |  Apple iPhone 13 Pink colour Review
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Apple's implementation is set to match the always-on display on the Apple Watch, which dims the current screen instead of showing a completely different screen made forever like we have on Android. How do you feel about this as it will limit customizability a lot as we are just going to get a dim lock screen so definitely let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this um as I

Personally really looking forward to any implementation of this always-on display ok now the display on this new iPhone is going to be super impressive especially with that new 120Hz panel so what if you don't have your TV But how cool would it be if you could get such a display, now you can.

LG's brand new QND99 with LG's new 2021 Mini LED TV with a 75-inch 8k 120Hz panel and some super impressive features and it looks unreal like I can't see any pixels, even when I can't get enough of the screen. up close and it honestly gives me the impression that I'm looking through a window, even if you don't have any 8k content to watch the qned99 processor will boost your content to a full 8k the sound is pretty impressive with Dolby Atmos speaker looks like this.

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 Amazing thanks to its very thin bezels and metallic build and since this is a mini LED TV it has 2500 local dimming zones for extreme levels of brightness and picture control and the best part about qned99 is that it also has a 120Hz panel which combined with HDMI 2.1 you get 8k 60 gaming or 4k at 120. The third big change is that when it comes to battery life all the iPhone 13 models get physically bigger batteries.

There are 8 improvements to the mini, 10 to the 13 and 13 Pro, and 18 to the 13 Pro Max, which means the iPhone 13 Pro Max will now have a bigger battery than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The biggest battery ever and still beats all the competition two years after launch these big batteries combine with a more efficient five nanometer a15 chip and we can see the best battery life ever on an iPhone generation.

Which we'll be sure to test once we've got them even the iPhone 13s is set to feature 25W fast charging from the current 20W, now I don't see it giving us any more than 50 in 30 minutes. Also, look at the faster charging that we have now, I think Apple just increased the wattage because they wanted to maintain the same charging speed even with these bigger batteries, and finally we have the design which is getting a bit disappointing. small change is the biggest one-notch.

which is getting about 20 narrower thanks to the earpiece which is now part of the top bezel unlike its part of the notch, I still would prefer no notch and touch id at the bottom of the display but whatever the camera module you are As everyone has probably noticed by now, there is a slight change going on with the non-Pro models of the iPhone, which is what we had before and then got the Pro models.

Also in a much bigger camera set up to house those bigger sensors we are obviously getting some new colors a matte black and a new orange color possibly matt black on the pro model and orange on the non-pro I hope matt black Will be similar to s21 ultra as it has the best looking back finish on any phone in my opinion, we also said.

 To get some sort of coating on the stainless steel frame of the iPhone 13 Pro to reduce the number of fingerprints and smudges I now envision it to be similar to the iPhone 4 and 4s frames that are now was also made of stainless steel but it was matte that drastically reduced the number of fingerprints, the final design change being that the iPhone 13s is also about 0.26 millimeters thick due to those bigger batteries.

Small but definitely some worthy change The 512-gigabyte storage option on the Pro model will now be replaced by a terabyte which is perfect for those who want to shoot loads of Pro Raw video Face ID is said to be available in the same format. not only being up to 1.8 times faster but also being able to partially scan your face,

 Even if you have a face mask or sunglasses on right now, which is great especially forum at the end of the pandemic, you know what can unlock your phone when you're wearing a face mask or sunglasses that have the perfect fingerprint reader, we're also told that getting stronger magnets to attach more securely to MagSafe accessories is a problem.

I've encountered loads with my 12 Pro, though the main reason was the accessories falling off the iPhone 12 line. The strength of T magnets but really lack of friction between the back of the iPhone and the accessories so if apple really wants to improve it they need to add more grip to the back of the bigger accessory first. Also getting fi 6c,

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A new 5G antenna for faster 5G speeds and potentially the ability to make calls even when you don't have a cellular signal, thanks to satellite communications it's honestly such a big new security feature as if you were in the woods with no signal. If lost, you will still be able to get help, but keep in mind that number one is restricted to us only at launch and for number two it may not even be ready.

Haven't been released yet, so it's definitely great for you in case of emergency, but it's highly likely we'll be using it on the first day of getting the iPhone 13. These are all changes that are said for the iPhone 13s to surely come with a level of upgrade, but one of the biggest upgrades that the iPhone has received so far,

I'm quite excited to try out the new camera on the iPhone 13 Pro astrophotography mode and better lighting performance are things I can't wait to try. I love to take a lot of astrophotography shots when I go on vacation, But I always take that with my DSLR camera, so I'm super excited to try it on the iPhone 13 and then the 120Hz panel,

I've had it on my Android phone for a few years now and as such I wouldn't mind any disparity between the two, but let me know in the comments what do you guys think if you plan to buy the iPhone 13.


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