Tesla Mobile Phone Features Model Pi

 When Elon Musk enters the industry you're working in, you should know that things are about to get serious, should phone makers start looking over their shoulders as the Tesla Python might join us as we Explore Musk's secret mobile phone with Starlink Wi-Fi Apple Samsung and Huawei.

 They're the kings of smartphones. The trio makes millions of phones every quarter and declares huge profits. Apple's iPhones and other personal electronics are a status symbol all over the world, with some fans. Samsung is anti-iPhone to those who don't. Want to use high-end phones,

But Samsung is devoid of the famous bitten apple logo. If you prefer to turn your phone into a tablet then Samsung has one to sell you or a clamshell phone that folds up into a big phone with all the bells and whistles.

Tesla Mobile Phone Model Pi

Tesla Mobile Phone Features Model Pi
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A flagship Huawei makes excellent phone cameras and has a folding phone of its own, which can prevent it from putting the Android operating system on its phone. The E Three giants face an attack from a Tesla phone, backed by the richest man on the planet, Elon Musk, for apples.

This will be sweet revenge for Musk. Apple is trying to enter the electric car world according to rumors, but it hasn't. At first, there was progress, there were rumors that was building a whole car, but recently A software powering in has been downgraded for electric vehicles,

Apple is rumored to be building a car again, though we also hear it's having a hard time securing a manufacturing partner. The company famously doesn't actually make iPhones, but contracts manufacturing to Foxconn. This is Musk's chance to show apple how you move into another industry and turn it upside down,

Remember how Musk got the cold shoulder when he tried to offer Tesla to Apple to buy Musk. Apple CEO Tim Cook wouldn't even meet him Musk was desperate to stop Tesla from going down but Cook later claimed that they didn't know cars that are full of the latest technology,

Tesla Mobile Phone Model Pi

Tesla Mobile Phone Features Model Pi
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But the great thing here is that the phone will support SpaceX's stylized satellite Internet, which means it should be capable of high-speed downloads including streaming video from online servers to apps by supporting Starlink,

This might be the official phone call of musk mars colony how do we know it if you read Starlink's terms and conditions you will see a direct reference to its operation on mars meaning with earth using musk style Can natively support styling to maintain a relationship.

The Tesla Pi phone would make a good communication device for people living on Mars that may not be the only connection between this python and Starlink because according to a SpaceX filing made by Starlink it may offer phone services that Going back to the use of the model Pi on Mars inbuilt in the phone,

Tesla Mobile Phone Model Pi

Tesla Mobile Phone Features Model Pi
image source google by-https://twitter.com

The community would need a form of money to trade among themselves of which Musk is a big fan. These mars dwellers of cryptocurrencies will spend mars coins this superphone will have the ability to mine mars coins remember there is another company of musk which is able to read information from the human brain and restore certain brain functions with the help of chips helps.

The company is Neuralink and the Tesla Python will support the powerful technologies it has developed and of course, this is a no-brainer. The Tesla Pi will be able to sync with other Tesla products like smartphone cars and home battery energy storage systems.

which you will control your car and powerwall with it eg tesla pi has to be a very secure device because of how owners want to use them so musk will make sure it is not an easily hacked tesla payphone what would it look like,

 Before we go into this, a company like Apple should get a run for its money, which may seem like an impossible task, as the path to smartphone dominance is littered with genuine smartphone makers who feel the way you would Nokia. I Will remember the one who ruled the world of phones,

But the plot was lost, now it licenses another company to make phones, there was also blackberry which was everywhere but is now confined to a part of history that is getting behind us even the almighty Microsoft got burned to try to make a phone and don't forget LG who threw in the towel,

Where others have tried and failed depending on who you want to build the phone with. It's not rocket science, but Musk is someone who literally makes rockets for a living Musk doesn't look impossible.

Only time will tell when he lays his eyes on a target and this is what has brought him so far eg how he got into making rockets.

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