Samsung Galaxy s22 5g Price,Specification,Release Date

 We have a shocking discovery for the Samsung Galaxy s22 and I will share the details But if you are a fan of Samsung then please let me know in the comments which device you are watching today's article.

Samsung s22 Specifications-

Samsung Galaxy s22 5g Price,Specification,Release Date
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So first of all we have got a lot of good news on the performance of the Snapdragon 898 that is powering the galaxy s22. We tweeted this morning Ice Universe that the GPU performance and energy efficiency of the Snapdragon 898 are actually very strong and much more than expected. Better We've featured a benchmark for the s22 plus that shows a single-core score of 1163.

And that's a pretty good score compared to the triple eight average scores of 966. The multicore score of 898 sits at 2728. While it's low, we expect it to improve with optimizations, we also got the news. that the Snapdragon 898 version of the Galaxy S22 is coming to more regions with Asia and Africa now added to the list,

While this is a great chipset, the only concern currently is that there are a lot of reports of overheating issues causing high CPU throttling so we are getting great scores with the GPU and hopefully these CPU issues are resolved before launch. If you are in an Exynos area then no need to worry,

There's a lot of good news here. The Galaxy S22 is using the Exynos 2200, showing a 31 to 34 improvement for peak power and still improving to 20 overall, certainly the biggest difference with the Exynos chipset. New this time around are AMD-powered GPUs that are on RDNA 2.

structure and it also supports ray tracing, there is a lot of hope for Exynos GPU but it is important to remember that this is the first chipset from their partnership so we will have to wait and see and we will definitely see some results soon Will receive, next time we have news on pricing for all models of galaxy s22 series, no proof given.

Samsung s22 price-

 Fronton has provided a lot of useful leaks so far so I am sure he has found a good source now according to his tweet Galaxy s22 is going to start at $899, Galaxy s22 plus is going to start at $1099 and then Galaxy s22 ultra we get a starting price of $1300, now these prices are too high. similar to the estimated pricing that I've been giving you for months and it's very likely.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs-

 Now next time we got a shocking discovery that the galaxy s22 ultra won't really have the best of everything that the galaxy s22 ultra has going for it. In terms of design is all premium specs and hardware, s22 plus has an advantage Ice Universe tweeted a few days ago that the chin on the s22 ultra was actually going to be bigger than the galaxy s22 plus, and then this morning they posted images of the display belong to panels for all three s22s and as you can see both the galaxy s22 and s22 plus are thinner than the ultra, now they also have rounded edges while the ultra is more rectangular, but thankfully we got the whole look for all three models Beautiful bezels have also been found in the round. 

Now it's surprising to see that the Ultra has the thickest bezel of the three, but don't forget that it's also a curved display, While the other two are flat, it takes on a more square appearance similar to the Note and while the Galaxy s22 Ultra has thicker bezels than the other two the bezels are still very thin and given that the edges are curved,

Samsung galaxy s22 ultra release date-

 We know the official launch is scheduled for February 8th, so it's not long until we see the phone officially revealed. Samsung but for those excited now we are going to run through the full specifications of the design and expected pricing to help you guys decide

Samsung s22 Specifications-

First, we get the standard Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 is going to come with a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED display and we get Full HD+ resolution 1080 by 2400 and 120Hz refresh rate when it comes to the selfie camera. Display selfie cameras were suggested, but due to their poor performance and the quality of the Galaxy, this is not going to happen.

Samsung s22 camera-

 The s22 will instead feature a 12-megapixel punch-hole selfie camera at the back, be a triple camera setup, and include a wide ultrawide and a telephoto camera that is going to be powered by either the Exynos 2200 or the Snapdragon 898. Sphere and both are four-nanometer chipsets,

Samsung s22 ultra ram-

It is likely to come with 12 gigs of RAM and 128 or 256 storage options and will definitely be UFS 3.1, all of which is going to be powered by a 3 800 milliamp-hour battery with 25-watt fast charging. And it will also have wireless and reverse wireless charging will have 5g wi-fi 6e Bluetooth 5.2 and of course, it will run a UI 4 based on Android 12. The standard Galaxy S22 is likely to start at $850 and will definitely have the highest storage option.

Samsung galaxy s22 plus-

 Now and further let us come to Samsung galaxy s22 plus with a bigger 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED display going as per the previous release it is likely to be full HD plus resolution 1080 by 2400,

But it will have a 120Hz display. We are expecting a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera on the front in the form of a punch-hole selfie camera and then on the back, we are likely to see another triple camera setup this one wide and ultra-wide. is going to happen and a telephoto which is going to be powered by Snapdragon 898 or Exynos 2200 depending on the region.


Samsung Galaxy s22 5g Price,Specification,Release Date
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Samsung galaxy s22 plus ram/battery-

 It is going to come with 12 gigs of RAM and the option of 128 or 256 storage which will of course be UFS 3.1, all this is going to be powered by a 4600 milliamp-hour battery and it will come with wireless and reverse wireless charging with 25 watts fast. Going to support charging, it will definitely have 5G Wi-Fi 6e Bluetooth 5.2 and will be running One UI 12 based on Android 4. For those looking forward to the Galaxy S22 Plus, it is likely to start at $1,100.

Samsung s22 ultra specifications-

Samsung Galaxy s22 5g Price,Specification,Release Date
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 Now finally we have got the most premium model Galaxy S22 Ultra Galaxy S22 Ultra is coming with 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED display but this time with Quad HD Plus resolution 1440 by 3200 it will definitely be an LTPO panel with 120Hz refresh With the rate and we are expecting a higher screen to body ratio,

Samsung s22 ultra camera-

We are going to punch our selfie camera on the front and while the sensor is still unknown, it is likely to have a much higher pixel count than that. The other two are probably 40 to 50 megapixels. When it comes to the rear we are getting the 108 megapixels upgraded version of the HM3 as the primary camera we get a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-

 So we also get two 10 megapixel telephoto cameras. One of the telephotos is going to be triple optical zoom and the other is going to have 10x which means a lot of photography options. It is going to be powered by Snapdragon 898 or Exynos 2200 depending on the region. Has been and it is going to come with the option of 12 or 16.

Samsung s22 ultra ram, battery-

gigabytes of ram 128 256 512 and maybe even a terabyte of storage it's all going to be powered by a 5,000 milliamp-hour battery but this time we get 45 watts fast charging and again there will be wireless and reverse wireless charging yes s22 ultra is 5g wi-fi 6e Bluetooth 5.2 and it is going to run a UI 12 based on android4.

Samsung s22 ultra price-

When it comes to the price, unfortunately as we know it is going to be expensive and we can pretty much expect it to start around $1300 so we have got a lot of information now and with the launch around the corner. around it is unlikely to belong.

Until we know everything, as always I want to know your thoughts in the comments, so who is excited for the galaxy s22 series and which ch model are you waiting for,


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