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The New Avengers Movie Kang Dynasty and the Time of the Secret Wars Revealed

 The New Avengers Movie Kang Dynasty and the Time of the Secret Wars Revealed

The New Avengers Movie Kang Dynasty and the Time of the Secret Wars Revealed
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While fans have raked in their time (generally) through Phase 4 of the MCU, Marvel Studios' latest effort has left some wondering where this is all going. After the high levels of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, a section of fans have been asking when the next group up will take place.

The prospect of a Secret Wars project has been on the table for quite some time, with veteran MCU chief the Russo Brothers saying in any event that they want nothing more than to be welcome to run the venture. In any case, there has been no formal confirmation by Marvel that that film will try and happen.

The studio also has by all accounts established Jonathan Majors as a Thanos-level threat following Kang the Conqueror to the establishment, however, there is no official announcement about this position by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige or anyone. Statement not given. MCU Metal.

Indeed, after a long hiatus, it appears that fans know the titles of one of the following as well as the two Avengers movies, and they include some natural names.

The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars Revealed

As a piece of the Marvel Studios San Diego Comic-Con Hall H board, the super-fueled monster revealed the names of two Avengers 5 and 6. The two films were named Avengers: The Kong Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. ,

The Kang Dynasty is set to deliver the first on May 2, 2025.

Also, things will follow after Secret Wars is delivered on November 7, 2025.

No other significant subtleties were given, although both of these names were a piece of a brand name release that took place a little over 24 hours before the Advanced Internet Based Authorization announcement.

Two avengers movies in one year

No, this is not a joke. Wonder Studios reports that there will be two Avengers movies at the same time. Without a doubt, those dates could move forward at some random time, yet for the occasion, the Fantastic Four, Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars are set to hit performance centers at least a year after each other.

While Marvel has two Avenger-powered movies in near progress, Infinity War and Endgame, the studio hasn't done anything of this size.

Checking out these titles, it's not hard to see where things are going in the MCU. Kang is set to be a major part of the establishment with a confirmed appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantomania and, he will also appear in Loki Season 2. That's why it seems okay to focus an Avengers movie (or two) on reprobates.

Then Secret Wars fills in as the typical climax of the MCU this time. A certain movie multiverse will meet a certain comic book multiverse story. After The Infinity Saga, the story of Secret Wars felt like a distinctly later stage for Marvel Studios.

Currently, that's the best one can hope for at this point, as both the films are not set to make a huge appearance for an additional three years.


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