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Thank You Review: Movie Review Thank You

 Thank You Review: Movie Review Thank You

Thank You Review: Movie Review Thank You
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Title: Thank You

Rating: 2/5

Project: Naga Chaitanya, Rashi Khanna, Malavika Nair, Avika Gor, Sai Sushant Reddy, Prakash Raj, Iswari Rao and others.

Story: BVS Sunday

Camera: PC Shriram

Changing: Naveen Nulick

Music: Taman

Producer: Dil Raju, Sirisho

Head: Vikram Kumar

Delivery date: 22 July 2022

An eminent producer, a senior essayist, a lead who is known for making mind-blowing movies, an amazing legend... for a film there are so many notions that make him stronger.

Yet, apart from the assumptions about this film, many people don't understand that the first is coming. How long I stayed, the discussion did not come. Also, there is no fire in the trailer. In fact, the melodies that enthralled the crowd in theaters were even less effective.

Keeping everything in mind, let us see if the crowd watching this movie saying Namaste today finally said thanks or not.

M Dharmaraju is a legend who gets arrogant at the smallest of achievements like MA. His self-image is that he couldn't care less about the people who are responsible for his incidents. So there is an opportunity. 

With this, contemplation starts inside him. He immediately leaves and thanks everyone who has helped him transform his life since adolescence and has taken full advantage of it. That's the story.

Whether the line is good or not, what should be said, and how much should be said, is completely up to the air. Aside from being a flaw in the story... or on the other hand the chief wonders whether to coordinate the story without mastery, it appears to be a film that has no depth and doesn't approach the depth of the brain. of. ,

Because of two young women and a child in this whole story. This is also said hastily by the chief, so the characters mix together and there is no natural current.

Like Shrikant Addala's film, everyone is amazing in this too. Despite the fact that they seem to be troublemakers for a while, they suddenly turn into a scene and are like a hug from wet eyes. Assuming the prime hope that the crowd will shed tears seeing so much goodness and change at that time, then nothing is more honest than that.

In my signature, the protagonist comes back and meets all the young women who have approached his life. There are innumerable emotions in it. The film took everyone back to their past and made them think about their sweet memories. In any case, those records are not clear.

What the legends say to Parvati's (Malvika Nair) father, one cannot understand why he changed such a huge amount without a moment's delay.

Sharwa's job at the school leaves a mark of emotion. The Vizag episode appears to have been made to give some battles without getting too delicate, however, the opinion did not form.

Then again, Parvati's (Malvika Nair) love track is great. Similarly the melody "Express gratitude to you..." is contagious. In any case, it's in Mickey J. Meyer's funky, not created by Taman.

It's great that the movie ends in two hours down the aisle, yet still comes true to life watching the protagonist atone on screen and going to India to visit his friends and family in seven days.

Actually, the shooting of snow scenes is fantastic. But a melody and the ambient sound are not interacting in any way.

After doing this, it is believed that the hero thanked both of them. However, news came that 40 minutes had been cut. Maybe you should say thank you to some of them. The manager should know this.

There is a ton of detail of exchanges in such movies. However, the most regrettable and crummy exchanges are composed.

Naga Chaitanya, though he played the film well with getups of different ages, was not interested in him for unknown reasons. Rashi Khanna will be remembered with tears in her eyes. Avika Gor is doing well in the job of the younger sister of the veteran. There is urgency in Sai Sushant, played by Sharia.

Not being careful in executing a valid statement, and messing around with too many things won't produce normal results.

The crowd should thank the chief for only one thing—for finishing in two hours.


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