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Slide For Above Ground Pool Deck | Slide For Above Ground Swimming Pool | Water Slide For Above Ground Pool


Adding a waterslide to your outdoor swimming pool increases the amount of entertainment you and your family will enjoy this summer when children and adults will choose the right slide. The best backyard water slides on the market today, we have a closer look and in this article, we will present you the top five pool slides in the market today, so that if you want to know if the pool slide will work for you, you will stay in the prices and these pools Want to get more information about slides,

 S.R Smith Pool Slide
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We have SR Smith 670 Typhoon Pool Slide SR SR 670 The Typhoon holds our top position because it perfectly balances strength with size and capacity. It does what is necessary to provide fun for the whole family, while it is not the longest slide in our top 5, it still comes in at a respectable 7 feet 4 inches. More than long enough to feel the air through your hair as you run towards the pool,

It has a wide and deep fume with a capacity to deliver 25 gallons of water per minute to the hook, it is provided with a garden hose. This is a great feature as long as you close the hose after using the system, it is also environmentally friendly and ensures that there is no water wastage while playing, it is resistant to corrosion. And other environmental conditions responsible for reducing the lifetime of your average pool.

In short, your initial investment will be a lot of fun for many years to come, it comes in two earth tone colored sandstones and granite gray and you can choose from a left or right curve design. It can oblige grown-ups and youngsters. 

For a total of 275 pounds, the manufacturers have designed the slide so that you can make the most of your available garden space and enjoy a high level at a very reasonable price. Yoga is a great pool slide

That combines a fun height and shapes with a small footprint, most of which are pool slides that are equipped with lots of interesting features as well as you and your family will have years of fun coming out of this slide.

Inter Fabwater pool slide
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We have an interesting design of the interior fab ad R1 CRT adrenaline pool inner fab slide waterslide. It is sleek and stylish and enables more comfort Has a unique structure to do. It is also designed when you slide down so that it appears as if it is made of ceramic. It has high tensile strength and has the ability to be extra durable.

The dimensions are impressive to withstand adverse climatic conditions, measuring ten feet an inch when it is also sixteen feet eight inches in length, a slide where it is definitely occupied at a brisk pace before hitting the water. 

To achieve this it is a sturdy ladder for climbing to the top and a specially designed base for extra stability, with the ability to maintain a maximum of 300 pounds to accommodate most adults and children.

It has a pre-launch splash zone that thrills you when you splash in your water, it is also salt pool proof with some components made of stainless steel which gives it a long life even under harsh conditions and Protects it from rust. Corrosion takes an assembly time of 2 hours and requires a continuous water flow of 15 to 25 gallons per minute,

While for use it requires a deck space of 15 feet 8 feet for proper installation and a three-year warranty to summarize.

Smith Pool Slide
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We have SR Smith 688 Turbo Twister Pool Slide. This elegant water pool slide from SR Smith features a roto model designed for increased durability that allows it to be made from alloy, giving it greater tensile for long-term use and exposure to the elements. The turbo twister like other water slides in our inventory is salt pool friendly.

It can hold a total weight of 275 pounds, meaning that both adults and children can safely accelerate the flow. This is similar to SR Smith 670 Typhoon and design that is increased in height by 8 feet 7 inches. But the capacity comes and means that greater thrill is possible. It's more expensive but the enclosed ladder design helps ensure safety.

While climbing to the top has been achieved by bringing more than 40 gallons per minute of water to a high-volume water distribution system, and feeding it to reduce water wastage from above, So that it provides maximum strength and durability. 

Either sandstone or gray granite gives you the opportunity to choose a color that best matches the design of your backyard, the Turbo Twister also comes with a generous three-year warranty available in two models, 2 different. This pool slide with different variants definitely loses it. Our top typhoon is mostly based on its price,

 Inter-Fab ZM Pool Slide
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This child-friendly water slide pool is three feet high or 37 inches high and has an additional grip for protection during climbing. Supports the top. It features an open and airy design for a comfortable ride it meets or swimming pool slide. And then exceed the American consumer product safety standard. Are completely reliable.

As far as the safety of the slide is concerned compared to the other slides on our list, it is definitely smaller, it weighs only 67 points and pounds and certainly 3 feet tall, 

you are not going to get a big speed - Being told that it provides sufficient funds for children and will take the weight of adults to consider an issue, the fact that it is only available in a right turn configuration when you slide This is a large U-shaped flow.

Down in the pool, it only offers a one-year warranty so that you have to handle the slide with care after the given a deadline to summarize this product. 

It is somewhat smaller in size, due to which you should keep in mind that if you have children, then choose this. In your house, you can certainly hope for it, but it may not be suitable.

Cyclone water slide
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We have SR Smith 698 Cyclone Pool Slide. An optional small-scale water slide. This is an offering from SR Smith measuring 4 feet 1 inch tall. With a flume length of 6 feet 10 inches, it will please both adults and children in a pool area of ​​limited space. It features a reliable root model design for added strength and durability.

It is somewhat compact in size and is perfect if you have a limited deck space available, it has the ability to accommodate a maximum weight of 175 pounds and comes with a wide and deep flow, which makes it easy for anyone slip. Ensures safe exhaust that slips in such a way that this slide is available in three different colors and gray granite to match its backyard design. Its features are similar to a turbo twister

This was mentioned earlier but the only difference is that it is somewhat smaller in size and can accommodate smaller areas - it requires a special installation and can be easily done within an hour with minimal labor force Can be assembled from and it comes with a warranty of three years, to sum up

This is a great product with enough power and durability. A compact design is recommended with those on a tight budget and limited deck space making this SR Smith Pool Slider one of the best sellers on Amazon in its category. For this, you can click on the link.


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